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Rules and Regulations – Forum and Blog (Outcomes Australia)

ShareLife Australia is a project of Outcomes Australia


Outcomes Australia’s Forum and Blogs aim to provide useful information for the community, members of the media, policy makers and MPs relating to its core projects and the Outcomes model. We aim to:

  • Develop understanding and awareness of important issues.
  • Engage with the community and stakeholders.
  • Promote the projects of Outcomes Australia.

OA Blog and Forum Readers

The OA blog is written for a general audience, with an interest in leading practice and Australia’s future health and wellbeing. Members of the public are welcome to register to post on OA forums.

Guest Bloggers will be identified by name, title and company.

Outcomes Blogger and Forum Rules

  • Provide honest, accurate and concise information that is relevant to readers.
  • Be respectful.
  • Do not provide any confidential, proprietary or commercially-sensitive information.
  • Do not provide information directly promoting external products or services.
  • Acknowledge and correct any mistakes as soon as they have been identified.
  • Acknowledge all reference material and provide direct links to online references.
  • Clearly express any opinions as your own.
  • Disclose any conflicts of interest.

Guest Blogger and Forum Post Guidelines

  • Suggested blog post length is 400-500 words.
  • Use lists, bullet points and sub-headings to break up your text and keep readers interest.
  • Keep the tone of your post in informal and conversational (eg: use personal pronouns like 'you', 'we', 'I', 'us') but always professional.
  • Do not try to convey too much information in one post – think of one or two key things that you want reader to take-away after reading your post.
  • Provide content that challenges the way things are done, or suggests how to do things better, faster or cheaper.
  • Provide “best-practice” guidelines or information based on relevant, recent research.
  • Share your (or your enterprise's) recent experiences (good and bad), challenges or issues.
  • Point readers to where they can find additional information on the subject if they are interested.
  • Invite comment on your post by asking questions about the reader's own experience or opinions.
  • Respond promptly to any comments.

Please provide:

  • Supporting material (in pdf format) that provides further information that you have produced on your topic (eg an article, case study or survey ) for placement in the relevant news and resources section. We will then upload this and link to this in your post.
  • Provide .jpeg images to support your post.
  • Provide a .jpeg head and shoulders photo.
  • Provide your twitter address, so we can reference this in our Tweets about your content.

Please note:

  • OA reserves the right to edit blog and forum post submissions prior to posting - we will seek your approval to revisions prior to posting.
  • OA reserves the right to remove comments that it deems inappropriate.
  • OA may also promote your content as it sees fit.
  • OA does not accept responsibility for, or endorse the views of its Guest Bloggers.