ShareLife is a community reform group consisting of business professionals and medical experts who are committed to promoting and assisting with change to achieve world leading rates of organ donation in Australia through the implementation of global leading practice.

ShareLife is an Outcomes Australia project.

The ShareLife vision was for Australia to lift the rate of organ donation from number 20 in the world to number 1 by the end of 2017.

This would lift current Australian performance from  20.8 Donors Per Million Population (DPMP) to 35 DPMP and result in an additional 1,000 transplants and lives being improved each year.


ShareLife was founded in 2006 driven by the fact that organ donation rates in Australia had declined between 1989 and 2006 despite numerous Government funded initiatives. For 18 months ShareLife worked with Bain & Co, Ernst and Young, Clayton Utz and Chandler Macleod and other leading organisations to study and catalogue best practice countries whose citizens had the highest access to organ transplantation. This study included Spain, Belgium, France, Austria and the USA.

ShareLife was the driving force and key contributor that lead to the Government announcing the National Reform Program in July 2008. The Reform Package comprehensively detailed all the elements of Leading Practice and how to implement.

Elements of the Reform Package and Leading Practice were introduced, however due to an inconsistent and incomplete approach across the country the rate of improvement has been slow and opportunities to save lives are being lost.

ShareLife believes the national solution is an accelerated, consistent and complete implementation of leading practice as outlined in the original reform package. This is underpinned via transparency, common reporting and accountability at Federal, State and Hospital levels.


The ShareLife strategy is to work with policy makers, health administrators and medical experts to optimise the Australian Organ Donation and Transplant System and ensure that leading practice protocol and process is implemented fully and consistently across Australia.


  • Pursue the complete and consistent implementation of global leading practice nationally by working with policy makers, health administrators and medical experts.
  • Share global and local information regarding leading practice to assist with the accelerated achievement of National Reform and global leading performance.
  • Pursue common reporting and accountability on a national basis to create visibility and regular review.